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Smintech is preparing to meet your needs in the future. To give you a little more insight of what the future holds, here is a brief intro to the newest HDMI standard, HDMI 1.4. Smintech will be working closely with our production partners to bring you certified cables that will support this new technology.

On June 5, 2009, the organization that develops and regulates the HDMI format and standards released specifications for the new HDMI 1.4 format. The latest and greatest version of HDMI continues the lead the format has taken in innovating and advancing technologies in the Audio/Video Industry. 1.4 will deliver many new advancements that have only recently been introduced as new concepts at industry trade shows around the world but should start rolling into to peoples homes as early as next year.

The HDMI Organization announced new rules regarding the naming conventions of HDMI cables with regard to version compliance. Officially, starting with HDMI 1.4 and retroactively applied to all previous versions, cables will not be allowed to be represented in sales, advertising or on the cables themselves by their specific version number designation. Instead, cables will be referred to by their performance characteristics. Official designations will be High Speed with Ethernet (incorporates all the specifications outlined in version 1.4), High Speed (equivalent to version 1.3, category 2), Standard Speed with Ethernet (equivalent to 1.3, category 1 as well as all version prior to 1.3 with the addition of the Ethernet channel). Standard Speed (equivalent to version 1.3, category 1 as well as all versions prior to 1.3 without an Ethernet channel). Please note, that a High Speed cables essentially delivers all the performance enhancements promised by 1.4 except Ethernet. So unless you have a devices that specifically needs Ethernet over HDMI capability, any HDMI 1.3, category 2 cable you purchased previously will not need to be replaced.

New Features of HDMI include:

HDMI Ethernet Channel
Audio Return Channel
3D Support
4K x 2K Support
More Color Spaces
New Connectors

The HDMI 1.4 specification will offer the following enhanced functionalities

What HDMI 1.4 is not
Although a new micro connector is being introduced for portable devices, there is no change to the shape, number of pins or pin configuration of the standard 19 Pin Type A HDMI connector found on most home electronics devices. That means unless you specifically need a cable that supports a new feature that you find is not supported by your current cables, your current cables should continue to function fine. So there's no need to rush out and replace all your current cables until the time comes.

Also, as new HDMI 1.4 devices come out, they will continue to be compatible with all your current HDMI 1.3 and older devices and cables. HDMI will continue to be backward compatible.

The HDMI Ethernet Channel
1.4 introduces a new HDMI Ethernet channel. This new feature further delivers on HDMI promise to reduce cable clutter between your devices. As more and more devices become "connected" devices, taking advantage of features like streaming video over YouTube and NetFlix, rather than buying a new router and stringing Ethernet cables to each of these devices, your television can act as a type of router connecting to the internet through a single Ethernet connection and distributing connectivity to each of your other devices through the same HDMI cable that's transmitting video and audio content.

Audio Return Channel
The new Audio Return Channel allows the HDMI connection between a television and A/V receiver to transmit audio two ways, both upstream and downstream. This eliminates the need for a separate audio cable and ensures you maintain the high digital audio quality of HDMI. Your experience is further enhanced by the LipSync functionality of HDMI which matches the audio and video of your programming compensating for any processor delays.

3D Support
Another new pending revolution in the A/V world is the new 3D technologies being promised. HDMI stays ahead of the game by supporting several different methods of rendering 3D images. Movies and games of the future promise to bring you to a whole new level.

4K x 2K Support
Resolution on par with state-of-the-art Digital Cinema projectors used in the local multiplexes will be coming to your living rooms. 4K x 2K which represents resolutions of 3840x2160 and 4096x2160 will both be supported by HDMI 1.4. All High Speed versions of HDMI cables will support this new feature.

More Color Spaces
Expanding the Deep Color feature of HDMI 1.3 which added x.v. Color support, HDMI 1.4 adds three more color space options, sYCC601 color, Adobe RGB Color and Adobe YCC601 color, each of which promise to deliver a wider palette of colors to bring you more vibrant pictures.

New Connector
Two new connector types are being added to the format. A type "D" is the Micro HDMI connector which will be placed on small portable electronic devices like cell phones and pocket cameras. The other is the type "E" which is a locking connector specifically designed for automotive applications

Fact is, most of the HDMI 1.3 cables Monoprice currently sells will already support many of these new features like 3D over HDMI, 4K x 2K and additional color spaces. However, we will soon be carrying newer cables that will be certified to support the other features which promise to raise the bar in terms of performance while maintaining the unmatched value that Monoprice has always delivered. And as always, we'll stand behind our cables with a lifetime warranty.

Smintech 1.4 HDMI with Ethernet cables.

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